Fortress Tile Adhesive is a special cement - based adhesive formulated specifically for ceramic floor and wall tiles, interior and exterior application. It is composed of highest quality of Portland cement, natural sand fillers and chemical additives.


  • Highly adhesive with tensile and bonding strength.
  • Less material needed with thin bed application.
  • One step application , just mix with water.
  • Prevents tile-bond failure and tile crack.


Surface must be structurally sound, dry, clean and free from dirt, dust and other contaminants. to ensure proper bond, scour the bonding surface.


  1. Mix 25kg(1bag) of Premium Tile Adhesive with 8 liters of clean water.
  2. Stir until a thick, pastry & lump free consistency is achieved. Prepare only sufficient quantity that can be applied within 1 hour.
  3. Spread the stone adhesive and comb with a notched trowel into the surface.
  4. Lay the stones on the surface. Press and bet the tiles on the setting bed.
  5. Clean excess mortar on surfaces, using a sponge and warn soapy water.
  6. Apply grout after 24 hours or until stones are held firmly in place.
  7. Wipe out excess grout on surfaces and apply sealer after stones are cleaned.

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