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Granite Wall Cladding and Finishing

          GT Stoneworks is pleased to announce our newest products for 2015, GRANITE WALL CLADDINGS and FINISHINGS. Using environmentally friendly materials, Granite wall finishes is not anymore a distant dream to homeowners but a welcoming reality. With over 60 different profiles from our existing designs, we are able to offer a granite finish with our stones. The multi fleck colored pattern showcases the beauty and elegance of Granite, at a fraction of their prohibitive price. Blending the traditional character of granite and the elegance of contemporary designs and patterns, the granite wall claddings are sure to turn your next projects into beautiful statements of style and taste.

 “The appeal of granite is timeless,” says Marketing Manager Jennifer Cerilles,” it’s known for its strength, deep colors and presence. Many hotels and resorts often rely on Granite to give them that look of a quality finish.” Experience our passion for creating memorable spaces with our Granite Wall Coverings. 



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